A teachers job is to give their students chances

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cheap replica handbags In a school were learned to respect others and if respect isn’t shown by that teacher by humiliating that child on social media it can cause them to drop out of school, stop performing and changing their willingness to learn. A teachers job is to give their students chances, let them learn from their Replica Handbags mistakes, encourage them to continue working playing a great role in carrying moving them up the scale of learning, being a teacher you should know that, not everyone is a early developer everyone learns at their own time, if these grades are published on social media it can also look bad on the teacher also, cause it can indicate to some parents that the teacher is happy that their students is failing and it can indicate that the teacher is not teaching so that the students can be able to understand then implement. In a school were learned to respect others and if respect isn’t shown by that teacher by humiliating that child on social media it can cause them to drop out of school, stop performing and changing their willingness to learn. cheap replica handbags

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