I can’t imagine carving out another $350 to satisfy a deal

I think they misunderstand the margins that we have in the new car business right now. I can’t imagine carving out another $350 to satisfy a deal with Wal Mart when they’re trying to create a value proposition that would benefit their customers. It’s just not in the cards.

While Zamasu, Knight Templar god student of Supreme Kai Gowasu of Universe 10 has become the Big Bad in Future Trunks Arc and went on to destroy all mortals considering all of them evil and stupid, his overall view on them is not entirely unfounded. Mortals do misuse the knowledge of the gods and have committed several atrocities: Frieza and the Saiyans were cold hearted planet brokers who regularly committed genocide for profit; Dr. Gero used his great mind to create mass murdering androids, one of whom (Cell) literally ate people, all to settle a petty grudge with Goku; and Bibidi and Babidi unleashed Majin Buu on Universe 7 and caused the deaths of nearly all of the Supreme Kais and killed billions of people.

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