It was the first time an American plane shot down

It was the first time an American plane shot down a Syrian aircraft and raised concerns that the conflict could escalate and draw foreign powers further into an already complex war. Military said in a statement. The Syrian Democratic Forces are engaged in a major offensive to drive the militants from Raqqa.Coalition aircraft conducted a of force, which usually means aircraft flying low and fast or strafing near enemy forces, in an effort to scare off the pro Assad troops.The Syrians appeared to ignore the request and a Syrian SU 22 dropped bombs on the SDF fighters.

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led billboard “On the Move” is an exhibition that wanders in several Arab and European cities, including Tunisia, Paris, Geneva, Istanbul, Athens and Beirut. In collaboration with DiversEarth and WWF Tunisia, 60 photographs of a number of professional photographers, including the Lebanese Mr. Assad Saleh, who was accompanied by the shepherds in their travels in nature in collaboration with SPNL with the aim of reviving the transhumance system (the seasonal movement of people with their livestock between fixed summer and winter pastures) linked to local development, biodiversity and eco tourism.SPNL also had the chance to display handicrafts linked to the Lebanese Heritage made by women from the Hima areas in Lebanon led billboard.