Later, I started to see Tosh as an essential misanthrope

He had a 20 year relationship with Dawn Silvernail, a lonely heart housewife from Earlton, an hour up the Thruway from Poughkeepsie. They met on the CB radio, a shared pastime. (His other hobby was just as sexy: He was top gun of the Hudson Valley Balsa Busters, a radio controlled airplane club.). Prior to this era a drug dealer tended to be an older man that had been turned by life, this bottlenecking turned young men like myself from children into criminals overnight. This contextual shift led to a reality today that Black men are the most Replica Handbags imprisoned group in the history of the world. Some 10,000 per 100,000 in prison between ages 25 30, primarily for nonviolent offenses.

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