The bullet is still moving and will eventually kill him

Main villain terrorist Renard has a bullet lodged in his brain from a previous encounter with an MI6 operative, but survived the assassination attempt. The bullet is still moving and will eventually kill him, giving him a perpetual reminder that his death is imminent. There’s also a jump to action version next to Renard’s fatalistic one. North Korea has two missiles that could potentially be used as ICBMs, the Nodong and improved versions of Taepodong rockets, to use their US Reporting Names, in reference to their first spotting location. However, the reliability of these rockets is much debated (the Unha orbital launcher, which failed spectacularly each time it launched,note until December 2012 is almost universally considered to be a barely modified Taepodong 2). To be honest, thought, failures are pretty normal during testing of the new rockets, and it’s not that the North has had many opportunities to test them, given the international pressure.

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