The legislation would not require employers to offer

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Well, let’s see how that unfolds next season. I’ll give the show the benefit of the doubt for now. Not to mention, the level of expertise Crowder expects from these activists won be met by conservative activists on college campuses either. I think this general level of ignorance is due to the students age rather than their ideology..

The rancor between California’s urban and rural water interests became legend when Owens Valley renegades dynamited the Los Angeles Aqueduct in 1924. Since then, the relationship has remained tenuous, prompting accords that, while satisfying cities and agribusiness, have taken a significant environmental toll.

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cheap air max 90 A bill that would require health insurers to include contraceptives in their prescription drug plans received final General Assembly approval yesterday.The bill, approved by the House of Delegates 86 44, goes to the governor to be signed or vetoed. The legislation would not require employers to offer prescription plans, but if they do, contraceptives approved by the Food and Drug Administration would have to be included.Proponents said the measure was needed as a matter of “gender equity” because some insurers offer plans that do not treat women’s contraceptive drugs and devices like other prescriptions.Bill would require schools to notify about pesticidesA Senate committee approved a bill yesterday that would give parents of elementary schoolchildren the right to be informed before pesticides are applied in their schools.The unanimous vote by the Economic and Environmental Affairs Committee sends the compromise bill to the Senate floor. cheap air max 90

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