There should be a good amount of clips from Kansas City

Stylist Cristina Ehrlich: look we chose right off the runway, which worked perfectly, the stylist says of the reflective pailette covered blue design the actress wore to the Los Angeles premiere of Beauty and the Beast in March. Color and the shine of the dress worked perfectly on Gugu and both the elements of its length and color were spot on for what we wanted to achieve. I did that look, I stepped back to watch, and as she performing and I cried, I literally cried.

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The European Union does not permit arrivals duty free stores; some EU airports sell goods on arrival in the baggage claim area described as “Tax Free”, but these goods are all tax paid sales, the local sales tax is discounted. Normally, discounted liquors or tobacco products cannot be bought when arriving into an EU Member State as there is often a high local Excise Duty on these goods as well as the local sales tax (VAT/IVA/TVA) which is included in the price. In some EU Territories the tax on tobaccos and liquors is lower than in other EU countries, which is why the prices still seem competitive and look like duty free prices.

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